All Cry Chaos


“It’s a rare pleasure to find a protagonist who reads like a literary figure in a thriller.”
ForeWord Reviews  Read

“If you love a puzzle, you’ll love the book.  If you look for great characters, you’ll love the book.  And if you want a strong plot, you’ll love the book.  Thinkof Dan Brown, only smarter and believable.”
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“Beautifully well-written, with interesting and fully-developed characters, high-octane tension, elegant mathematical constructs, and human hearts that are both noble and black as the night, “All Cry Chaos” is one of the best thrillers I have ever read.”
Daily Herald  (Provo, Utah)  Read

An “ingenious debut novel.”
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“Easily one of the best first novels of the past couple of years.”
Mystery Scene Read

A “richly descriptive thriller. Here’s hoping Poincare dodges retirement and adds more adventures to his caseload.”
Washington Post  Read

“Rosen has a fine detective in Poincaré.”
New York Times  Read

“I felt I was reading the first truly modern detective novel.”
Rosebud Book Reviews  Read

“An exceptional debut, clearly one of the year’s best mysteries and a sure contender for award recognition next year.”
Mysterious Book Reviews  Read

“Calling all fans of fractals, international-criminal conspiracies and the End of Days: Your ship has come in.”
Kirkus  Read

“Readers, especially the mathematically inclined, will relish this intellectually provocative whodunit.”
Publishers Weekly  Read

“Weaving fractals and chaos theory into an international mystery that also confronts great moral and theological questions, Rosen crafts a literate, complex tale in this first of a series; a prequel will be next. Highly recommended.”
Library Journal  Read

“My highest recommendation. It is for all readers. It’s fascinating, conscience-nabbing account at once deals with the philosophical and the mathematical – but then flies directly into the face of disorder, the End Time Rapturous madness, religion, and hellish revenge.”
Seattle Post-Intelligencer  Read

“A mystery wrapped in a thriller, woven into a startling social commentary. What I appreciated most about this book was Rosen’s ability to pose ethical questions and discuss models of behavior while leaving most of the resolutions for the readers to answer. Not to forget that this is also a whopping good mystery!” Read

“A startling novel. This is a thoughtful, beautifully written puzzle, and its unraveling is handled very skillfully. . . . . The plot, drawing on math and religion, should attract fans of such cerebral thrillers as Arturo Sangalli’s Pythagoras’ Revenge (2009) and Michael Gregorio’s Critique of Criminal Reason (2006).”

“Henri Poincaré is both archetypal and completely original, a cop for the ages. I could never have anticipated that philosophy, mathematics, war criminals, the world economy, chaos, and religion would add up to the finest thriller I would ever have the joy of reading.”
Reed Farrel Coleman,  three-time Shamus Award winner and author of Innocent Monster

“Only the very best of writers can weave a compelling story from a maze of complicated ideas, and with this deftly crafted novel, Len Rosen has proven himself to be one of them. Drawing not only on crime and the human condition, but on math, economics, and religion as well, All Cry Chaos is both a thinking man’s mystery and a thrilling ride. I look forward to more from its talented creator.”
Arthur Golden, author of New York Times bestseller, Memoirs of a Geisha  

All Cry Chaos is a rare gem of a book—an international thriller for smart readers. What The Da Vinci Code did for symbology, Chaos does for mathematical theory.”
Daniel Klein, winner of ForeWord Magazine’s 2010 Literary Book Prize for The History of Now, and best-selling author of Plato And A Platypus Walked Into A Bar: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes