The Tenth Witness


“Justice and true love are at loggerheads as a deeply ethical man falls in love with the daughter of a former Nazi who stoked his steel foundries with laborers from a nearby concentration camp. A fascinating exploration of what happens when good and evil reside under the same roof. —Boston Globe Best Crime Fiction of 2013  Read

“One of the more profound paradoxes about the human condition prefaces Leonard Rosen’s “The Tenth Witness,” a novel I’m sure will make my best of the year list. The book’s prologue is from novelist and Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel:  “I still believe in man in spite of man.” Rosen’s deeply compelling mystery explores the hope and the despair, the evil and the good at the core of Wiesel’s statement.”  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Best Books of 2013  Read

“Corporate greed, WWII deceptions, fear, loyalty and dishonesty deftly unravel in this intense and brilliant thriller.”  Entertainment Realm  Read

The Tenth Witness is a brilliant follow up to Rosen’s first thriller. Here is an author who cares as much about the pained human heart as a page-turning plot and manages to infuse this book with pathos, wit, wonder, fabulous historical detail, mystery and breathless anticipation. If you’re looking for a smart thriller – look no further – Rosen is stupendous!”  —International Bestseller, M.J. Rose

“Rosen is a gifted writer of dialogue and scenery. . . . In Henri Poincare, readers of all ages can appreciate the terrible beauty of a life lived with love for others.”
ForeWord Magazine  Read

“Rosen combines a probing Holocaust story with elements of an action thriller. A fine novel and further indication that Rosen is a writer of immense talent.”

“[A] story as heartfelt as it is ambitious.” —Kirkus Reviews   Read

“Terrific read combining thriller elements with a beautifully interwoven set of historical disclosures.”  —San Francisco Review of Books 

“Another winner.”  —Library Journal  

“Rosen writes with polish and confidence.” —Publishers Weekly   Read

“A joy to watch how Rosen weaves [this plot] together.”
NY Journal of Books   Read

A gloriously literary thriller.”  —Federation Star  Read

“Rosen is a gifted writer and The Tenth Witness is just as deserving of awards as was All Cry Chaos.” —Jewish Book Council   Read

Leonard Rosen’s The Tenth Witness is not just a good book; it is a great   Read

” Rosen’s Henri Poincare books are so well-written and memorable, one  earnestly hopes he will write many more volumes filling in the blanks between Henri’s younger self in this book, and the older man of All Cry Chaos.”  —Provo City Libraries   Read

“Combining history and suspense, “The Tenth Witness” is an outstanding novel that will provide revelations of monstrous crimes against humanity committed by people who mostly got away with it, along with their American corporate partners in murder.”  —Huntington News   Read

“As with All Cry Chaos, there is so much going on in this novel; murder, romance, science and technology, a chase after Nazis, and the quest for a gold-laden shipwreck. The plotting is intricate but fast-paced, the storytelling lean but with plenty of food for thought and emotion.”   Read Me Deadly  Read

“The story of how Henri Poincaré chose his life’s work is told with intelligence and compassion. It will keep mys tery buffs spellbound and please anyone who wants to enjoy a well-crafted novel.”  Free Lance Star  Read

“THE TENTH WITNESS is a thoughtful and thought-provoking book that explores the long-reaching effects of war, racism and evil. . . .  Poincaré is an immensely sympathetic character.”  Crime Spree Magazine  Read