Discussion: What draws thousands to lantern festivals?


Use the comments below to answer.

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  1. Leonard Rosen January 9, 2018 at 5:23 pm - Reply

    Over the five years it took to write The Kortelisy Escape, I watched this YouTube video of the Rise Festival many times, inspired that thousands would gather in the Mojave Desert to light and release lanterns. I wasn’t there, but I may as well have been given the wonder, even awe, I felt every time I watched the video. Since childhood, I’ve been haunted and elevated by this same wonder, unable to name it but fully aware that my work and joy in life would be to explore it—which I do in The Kortelisy Escape.

    What happens when thousands of lanterns are released at once into the night is akin, I think, to what happens in the instant a magic trick takes our breath away. Such moments resonate, and while it’s not altogether obvious why, it is obvious we humans—some subset of us, anyway— seek them out. Do we need wonder? Why isn’t living, just breathing and eating, enough? What more could we possibly need? Watch this clip of the lantern festival and listen to the music (“Rise”) that Dane Holmes composed especially for the event. Share your thoughts!

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