Published by: Permanent Press
Release Date: November 2018
Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-1579625429
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Caught in an unjust Three Strikes law that sends him to prison for life, Nate Larson negotiates with prosecutors for an early release in exchange for testifying against his brother in a mob-related trial. As part of the deal, he demands custody of his fourteen-year-old granddaughter, Grace, whom he hardly knows and who’s survived a string of disastrous foster homes.

Nate taught himself stage magic in prison. On his release, he plans a traveling magic show through New England and invites Grace to become his apprentice. The actual plan: to spend a few pleasant months with her then derail his brother’s trial by running alone to Canada.

Unexpectedly, he develops feelings for Grace and a strong desire to disentangle his brother from the mob. Facing death unless he runs and his brother’s destruction if he stays and testifies, Nate must thread a dangerous needle. And Grace, learning to perform stage magic herself, must use it to grow up in a hurry.

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A "quirkily endearing gem of a crime novel.... Distinctive characters, a tightly woven plot, and polished prose make this a winner." —Publishers Weekly  Read

"A master storyteller weaves a tale of love, pain, and sleight of hand.... [A] clever and richly enjoyable novel." —Kirkus (starred review)  Read

"A tender tale of loyalty, gratitude, and the healing power of magical wonder; Rosen’s gifted storytelling will appeal to readers beyond genre boundaries." —Booklist  Read

"Some novels are great for escape.... Others are great for puzzle-solving-—solve the mystery at the end. This book is a great one for immersion—-let yourself get involved in the story but leave time to stop and reflect often. It is not about getting to the end, it is about what is contained, even layered inside." —M-U-M, magazine of the Society of American Magicians  Read